Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Dog Days of Autumn

When the dog days of autumn lift their leg, instead of just getting wet, I find ways to get cool. And one of them happened when I opened the freezer to get some ice cubes and found that husband had been there before me – the trays were empty! How could he do this to me?

But suddenly those empty trays, looking back at me, so forlorn in the freezer, subtly whispered to me, “Hey, come closer, I’ve got something to tell you. Don’t fill me with water – you can do better.”

But what could they mean?? In the basket next to the refrigerator, the scent of ripe mango wafted over me. Wow, I thought. I really need to use those right away, but boy is it hot and I still need something cool. How could I possibly combine mango with empty ice cube trays?

And then it hit me, like the blast of an arctic breeze – a tropical parfait.

You remember parfaits, yes? Those fanciful layered desserts, oh so artfully presented in tall glasses with alternating layers of whatever your heart desires – ice cream alternating with whipped cream or granola alternating with fruit.  You get the idea. “Parfait,” by the way, means “perfect” in French, and on a hot day like this, combining tropical flavors in a cool dessert, sounds like perfection to me.

But let’s get back to those sad and empty ice trays. If I filled those empty puppies in the freezer with coconut milk instead of water, when they froze, I could just give them a spin in the blender with some of the frozen vanilla yogurt hiding on the freezer door.

And what would I end up with? Some pretty tasty Vanilla Coconut Ice. Then all I’d need to do is alternate that with layers of freshly sliced mango, and parfait perfection here we come:


Serves 2

2 containers (6 ounce each) vanilla yogurt (frozen)
1 can (14 ounce) coconut milk
1 mango (flesh cubed)
2 black cherries (with stems attached)

Stir the can of coconut milk well before pouring contents into an ice cube tray to freeze.

Once frozen, combine the frozen yogurt with the frozen coconut milk cubes in a food processor or blender and blend until the Vanilla Coconut Ice is well crushed.

Divide the Vanilla Coconut Ice between 2 glasses in alternating layers with the 
cubed mango. Top the parfait with a black cherry and serve immediately.

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